Situated along the Skeleton Coast, surrounded by sand and sea is our small harbour town, Walvis Bay, your place to stay if you want to ride the famous Skeleton Bay, locally called Donkey Bay.
Known for its natural beauty and rough seas, the Skeleton Coast offers an experience of a lifetime.

Our focus in general is to provide you with the best surf possible. As we do rely on the natural elements, we can’t always promise world class waves. But when the stars do align, you will witness Namibia’s precious gem and probably one of the best waves in the world: Skeleton Bay: Although it doesn’t break all year long, when it does, you have the opportunity for the ride of your life. Regarded as one the “Top 10 waves to ride before you die”, it is a ‘must-surf’ for all die-hard surfers out there and we are meeting plenty of surfers every year catching the best wave of their life.
Don’t get us wrong though, this wave is not for the faint at heart and requires an advanced level of skill. It should not be attempted by beginners!

For those that are starting out, we provide specialized tours and even lessons at easier surf spots. So even if it is your first time, we have all you need to ignite that surf stoke inside you by providing single and group lessons to get you started!

There are days during the whole year where there is a surfable wave at Skeleton Bay, since we also get nice swells in summer. Those days are a bit rare though, maybe once a month and the wave will most likely not barrel. Most days in summer Skeleton Bay is not surfable at all, which means if we drive all the way out there (which we are happy to do so if you book a daytrip with us), the ocean might be very flat.

If you only come to Namibia for the surf make sure you fly into Walvis Bay, a small international airport with flight from/to Cape Town and Johannesburg. Your accommodation will also be in Walvis Bay, which is a 20-30min drive from Skeleton Bay. We are happy to pick you up from the airport and drive you straight to Skeleton Bay (30-40min drive) so you won't miss any opportunity to surf.

The other airport in Namibia is Windhoek, the capital, which has more international flights but it is a 4 hours drive from Walvis Bay. It is a good option if you decide to travel through the country as well, since lodges and safari opportunities are close by.

The atlantic ocean unfortunately gets very chilly, we always recommend to bring a good quality 4/3 wetsuit. Some surfers even wear a 5/4 and most bring their hoodies and booties.

Bring a short board which you are comfortable with, size does not matter as much. We have seen surfers out there with all kinds of boards 🙂

Be aware that Skeleton Bay can get really big and rough, lots of professional surfers break their board, so we suggest to bring 1 or 2 backups. (Kelly Slater August 2023 - broke 3 boards in 4 days)

When you fly into Walvis Bay you land in the desert, at first it will look like there is no civilisation. But no worries, Walvis Bay is a proper town with guesthouses, hotels and nice restaurants. You will find supermarkets open 7 days a week.

Our 4x4 day trips are NAD1200, which also include a light lunch and drinks.

We work with a few guesthouses and backpackers to offer different accommodation depending on everyone's budget. You can find a dorm in a backpackers starting from NAD180pp/pn, and guesthouses for around NAD400-500pp/pn including breakfast, (nicer places NAD650-1000pp/pn). For more detailed information send us an email to receive the whole list.

A meal in a restaurant will cost you around NAD100-200, a beer is around NAD25.


Technically speaking, yes. But...

  • to get to Skeleton Bay you need to be an experienced 4x4 driver since the sandbank often gets flooded, every year surfers get stuck with their car, sometimes even having to leave it overnight. That is why we offer guided day trips to Skeleton Bay. Then you don't have to worry about anything.
  • to rent a proper 4x4 is also pricey, unless you are in a group and can fill the whole car you will end up cheaper joining our tour.
  • winter is peak season for tourists in Namibia, which makes it nearly impossible to get a 4x4 rental car last minute