Surf Guiding and Tours

We provide guided surf tours along the coast of Namibia.

Surf Lessons

The perfect choice if you would like to devote some days during your holiday to surf. No surf experience required!

Surf Photography

From Aerial Photography to Land Photography, we document your surf tour through Namibia.

Need a local surf guide?

Our trained surf guide will take you to the best surf spot according to your needs, either in a private session or in a group. Needless to say,  coming to a desert, well it can be easy to get lost. You will benefit in so many ways from their local knowledge and their surfing experience.

Your first time surfing?

No worries! Your surf instructor will teach you in a private or group beginner lesson. All it takes is one wave to get you hooked for the rest of your life!

If the waves are flat or you aren’t here for the surf, we still got you covered. We have tailor-made tours of our amazing coastline just for you! Kayak among seals, explore the sand dunes or go bird-watching. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.


Surf Camps

If you are interested in a surf camp experience, find more information here:

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